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A Metaphysical Adventure Shoppe

308 Market Street, New Cumberland  PA  17070-2161
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Welcome to The Inner-Connection!

We provide a "Safe Haven"... a place where   everyone's opinion is valued... an arena where different paths of exploration are encouraged... a resting spot to stop and smell the flowers... to regroup your energy and to lift your head proudly and clearly state to yourself, "I can do it"... and then go out into the world and "DO IT"!

The Inner-Connection can provide the TOOLS, YOU supply the LABOR.

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IC's Saturday Happenings

Please call for Appointments, Cost and Scheduling. 

15th Aura Photos or Energy Work w/Paul Wren 10:30-4PM
Run Readings w/Melody Bishop 10-4PM
22th Aura Photos or Energy Work w/Paul Wren 10:30-4PM 
Tarot Readings w/Reisellman 11-4PM
29th Aura Photos or Energy Work w/Paul Wren 10:30-4PM 
Gemstone Readings w/Roz Turney 11-4PM
5th Aura Photos or Energy Work w/Paul Wren 10:30-4PM    Reader to be announced.
12th Fall Fun Fest at New Cumberland Borough Fire Hall, 10AM to 5PM $22/20min, Schedule ready August 15th.
19th Aura Photos or Energy Work w/Paul Wren 10:30-4PM 
Rune Readings w/Melody Bishop 10-4PM.
26th Angel-Mediumship Readings w/Chril Moul 10AM-4PM

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Fall Fun Fest

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

10AM to 5PM

New Cumberland Borough Fire Hall.

$22/20min. Schedule Ready August 15th

Readers and Healing Facilitators